Improving Aesthetic Appeal Of
  • Buildings
With Professional Facade Cleaning

Facade Cleaning Services

External facade cleaning across commercial buildings and high-rises are some of our expertise in environmental services. At Re Sustainability Singapore, we provide versatile flexibility in cleaning external facades by using the expertise of our trained and qualified cleaning staff. We ensure that every safety protocol compliance and guideline are followed to clean external areas. Not only this, we strictly follow Workplace Safety and Health Act with no compromises while cleaning the external part of buildings.

Our certified team has direct access to the Scaffold Gondola, and high-area access equipment like Boom Lift, and Spider Lift to ensure a greater level of quality cleaning service. Moreover, our external facade cleaning staff is specifically trained under IRATA to assure safety, efficiency, and optimum cleaning.

25+ years of experience in external high rise cleaning
Zero Accident Policy Injury free work environment
IRATA certified team (Rope Access Training) 

Cleaning A Diverse Range Of Commercial Facade Areas & Spaces

We have the expertise not just in cleaning but fully maintaining the longevity of different infrastructure of facades across spaces.

  • Glass Facade CleaningDeep cleaning of the transparent or translucent glass building surfaces to ensure longevity along with natural lighting emitting inside.
  • Steel Facade CleaningCleaning the robust industrial complexes and facades made up of hard steel to prevent corrosion or any other effect.
  • Marble Facade CleaningTo provide a luxurious and appealing outlook to the marble facade, we offer manual & machine-equipped cleaning assistance.
  • Brick Facade CleaningUse the latest technology, pressure washers, and other equipment to clean and maintain the appearance of a brick-made facade.

Maintaing End-To-End Facade Cleanliness

End-to-End Cleaning of the External Facade

Using Cleaning Crane for Outdoor Structural Cleaning 

Skilled Cleaning Professional Ensure Facade Efficacy

Cleaning of Facade with Glass Panels